President’s Column – November 2015

I am sure that we have all noticed that the church has been humming even more than usual. We are having trouble scheduling meetings, and even more trouble with individual availability. We can only be in one place at a time (so far), but it is good to see all the participation and cooperation throughout our community.

We had a successful Weed ‘n’ Feed on October 17. There was good attendance and lots of work got done. Walt always has plenty of things that need to be attended to, so he is the “fearless leader” of the group with Lavon being the second in command. Colleen Saia gets the logistics of announcements and food in addition to her weeding skills. It is hard work, but you get to be around great people and eat and laugh together.

Beyond Categorical Thinking w/Jo Victoria was presented on October 18, was very interesting and provided more data for our Search Committee to use in their search process. I think we may have all learned more about each other and ourselves.

On October 24, we had our biennial Service Auction. It was a great success. We were full to the rafters and there was much laughter filling in all the nooks and crannies. Colleen Dino, Nancy Harrison, and Beth Ogilvie were our organizers and record keepers. Doug Sprague, Chris Appleton, Glen Jacob, and Betsy Dye were our auctioneers. Sherry Thomas organized all the food and Darryl Ray handled all the beverages. Lots of people stayed after to prepare the sanctuary for Sunday morning. This was a wonderful time together and we helped our church a great deal.

We will be having a special Congregational Meeting on Nov. 1, 2015 @ 11:45am in the sanctuary to discuss and vote on the Black Lives Matter Resolution. Please plan to attend, your voice is important.

Respectfully yours,

Diana Dickerson, Board President