President’s Report – October 2015

The search is on. Things are getting even more exciting and busy. The Board is tasked with finding a member of the Board and a member of the congregation to serve with the Search Committee’s Negotiating Team. Rebecca Parr will explain a bit more about what we are expected to do. There will soon be some other activities to help the Search Committee to make the best possible match of minister to our church. As members of the Board, we will continue to be responsible for the business of Starr King UU Church, but we will also be there to support our Search Committee and the congregation. If you are asked questions about the search that you are not able to answer, please ask a member of the Search Committee to step in.
We will soon have a new seal on our parking lot. I have been told that it will be a three day project and drying time. The contract is in the works, so I am not able to tell you the dates that we can’t use the parking lot. I think it will be the week of August 17th. I will notify the groups that may be affected as soon as I have the information. This may be a problem for Kelli, but we are staying in touch.
The summer is drawing to a close and we will all be back in the swing of things soon. I am looking forward to our whole church Fall Kick-off BBQ at Lake Chabot on Sept. 13th after service. Be sure to sign up and then come and enjoy the fun. We can all be kids again for a few hours together.

Thank you all,
Diana Dickerson