Religious Exploration – March 2016

Religious Exploration – Plans & Announcements

March RE Theme is Technology

This month we premier two Techshops for RE.  The first will introduce Raspberry Pi computers. The second will focus on software and basic programming with SCRATCH.   Roy Dickerson, our tech guru, will spearhead the effort to teach technology to our youngest and brightest.

The goal of these Techshops is to spark the imaginations of our young ones with technology.  Raspberry Pi and SCRATCH were designed to introduce computer technology to youth,  and to engage them in using skills that will enable them to thrive in the 21st Century workplace. If our youth respond enthusiastically, we envision organizing a SCRATCH Coding Club after church services on a monthly basis.

In keeping with the technology theme, we will take a field trip to the San Francisco Airport this month to get a sneak preview of the new control tower.  How does this relate to Religious Education? The ability to communicate and operate in the modern world has been enhanced by technological advances. These serve, above all else, to connect us to each other and the world around us.  Simply put, technology is awe inspiring.

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