From the Minister: Feast of Epiphany

The New Year announces the coming of the Three Kings, The Magi/Los Reyes Magos, on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany. We celebrate their journey and their courage to take a different path. We also celebrate with childlike awe the magical power of a guiding star. Epiphany reminds us to open ourselves and receive the gifts before us. Being open, we can experience magic all around us! There is magic in compassionate words. There is magic in music. There is magic in forgiveness. There is magic in transformation. Choosing a different path, letting go of old patterns, having a change of heart, can be magical.

Where are you on your journey? What are you carrying into this New Year? What would make the journey a little brighter? What might be the new possibilities?

Epiphanies, by definition, are unexpected and surprising. They happen in the most unlikely places to unlikely people at unlikely times by unlikely means. They might bring changes that can be disruptive and even inconvenient. They happen in the places where we struggle, the in-between spaces, and in the places that scare us. They might manifest themselves when we least expect them. It is not lost on me that it took three Magi to find the way, and that being part of a community encourages transformation and helps us find the light when our spark is dim. Magic happens when we connect to community. It happens when we are open to receiving and sharing the gifts of the spirit. We are part of a caring community that makes magic happen every day.

We are on a shared journey to nourish our spirits and experience the miracle of transformation. When we change our minds, we can also change our hearts, and together pivot towards the light. This is what is known as a revolution. Even the slightest turn can signify a tremendous transformation that offers us the possibility of a new beginning.

As we welcome the New Year, may we experience a sense of magic every time we allow ourselves to be transformed. May we feel the love from our Starr King community that illuminates our hearts. And may we share this magical love and light every time we gather together.

With Gratitude and Love,

Rev. Maria Cristina