Family Ministry: Attachment

Think for amount about the “Go to person” in your life, and then think about the “why” you go to them. What you are experiencing is an attachment connection that we humans need to live a balanced life. That go to person provides security, love, validation and more. For the young child the attachment connection creates a safe environment to explore, knowing they have a trusting, loving adult, with open arms, waiting for their return.
At birth a bond with a caregiver begins this attachment process. These special connections continue through out our lives, creating new ones along the way. There are many different levels and depths of attachments and we can have more than one, I.e. neighbors, family members, teachers, babysitters.
SoUUlful Family Ministry supports such attachments simply by creating a safe environment for our children to explore their world . We are the “go to people” who offer a snack to eat, art to create, opportunities to share feelings and provide helping hands when needed.
Our weekly family projects, Happy Heart Circle Time and church activities all promote and support the attachment process. It’s a “Never Ending Story”, which we all are experiencing together.
Lorie Miller, SoUUlful Family Ministry Coordinator