Family Ministry: Honoring Each Other

I witnessed two young children understanding the process of honoring one another with dignity
We were opening up our circle by chiming a musical instrument, the triangle. R called out first,  “My turn”,  but O was first to grab the instrument. R told him several times that it was her turn first. She called it. He did not relinquish the triangle. His reasoning was he reached for it first, therefore it was his turn. O tried to chime the triangle. He was unsuccessful. He was holding it incorrectly and only got a muted sound. R attempted couple of times to reach for it, but O pulled back and continued to be unsuccessful at chiming it.
R then said, “if you let me have my turn I can show you how to ring it.” O paused for a moment, thought and handed the triangle over to her. R held it by the string and chimed it. Afterwards, handed it back to O, where he had his turn and was able to do it!  Both were happy.
What did we observe? Children learning to trust, respect one another, develop a compromise, create an agreement and problem solve where both benefitted. Remarkable. It is also another example of how two people can have the same experience, have opposite opinions, both being right, and still work out a satisfying solution.