Stewardship Season Begins

Stewardship – the protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving. Something precious.

Have you noticed a new energy in our church?  I have.  You can see it in budding flowers and budding bushes, cottage meetings, congregational conversation sessions, laughing out of doors, singing without masks, and laughing at jokes from the pulpit, to name only a few. Spring is almost here; this season of new beginnings, the awakening of the land and our spirits from the dreariness of winter. 

On Sunday, 19 February, the congregation expressed its enthusiastic support to hire a religious professional to guide the next chapter of SoUUful Family Ministry. Each of us is essential to bringing this vision to life. The Stewardship Team recognizes that this is a time for dreaming big and acting with intention to provide the money for this dream.  

Fundraising is precisely the opposite of begging.  When we seek to raise funds we are not saying,” Please could you help us out because lately it’s been hard.”  Rather, we are declaring, “We have a vision that is amazing and exciting.  We are inviting you to invest yourself through your resources – your energy, your prayers, and your money – in this work to which we are called. (Nouwen and Ball, 2019).

During Stewardship Season, 26 February through 26 March, you can expect:

  • An opportunity to talk with a Visiting Steward about Starr King, its meaning to you, your hopes for the future and a conversation about your pledge for the coming year. 

On Sunday, 26 March we will celebrate Commitment Sunday with a festive pot-luck lunch and weather permitting it will be out of doors. We will celebrate the creation of a space where we invest in our own spiritual growth and explore our beliefs, our connections with others and find the inspiration and strength to face the challenges of our lives.  

Your Stewardship Team:  Roy Dickerson, Ben Ogilvie, Terri Owen, Keith and Mileva Lewis