Covid-19 Restrictions Changing

The Board of Trustees, on the recommendation of the COVID Working Group (Mary Swain, Corina Vasaure, Rev. Ruth Rinehart, and Mileva Saulo Lewis), voted on 7 February, to lift the restrictions initiated at the height of the COVID Pandemic.  As of 19 February 2023:

  • Masks are OPTIONAL
  • Eating & Drinking are permitted in the Fellowship Hall
  • Singing without masks is permitted
  • Encourage gathering in all indoor and outdoor settings.

We will continue to provide:

  • Virtual worship as an option as well as for meetings
  • KN95 mask for your use

This new policy was made on the basis of:

  • The lifting of the state of emergency at the state and federal level
  • COVID is viewed as endemic
  • Reduced incidence and lower death rates from COVID
  • More and more public spaces not requiring masking
  • Relaxed masking restrictions at large gatherings, e.g. SF Symphony

The COVID Working Group will continue to monitor reliable health authorities for updates and act accordingly on your behalf.

Questions and concerns can be addressed to Mileva Saulo Lewis (EMILY – can we create a VP@Starrking email?  I’m reluctant to put my personal email and mobile out there).

Finally, the Board and the COVID Working Group wants to thank everyone for their cooperation in doing what is necessary to protect those vulnerable persons in our community.