Welcome, Rev. Elizabeth Sollie!

We are glad to announce that Reverend Elizabeth Sollie will serve as our interim minister from 2023-2025! Part of her role with us is good ministry: preaching, pastoral care, and officiating the rites of passage and life transitions that arise in every community. She will also be helping us explore who we are as a church and how we relate to our community, Unitarian Universalism, and the wider world. A message from Rev. Sollie:

“Hello good people!

My name is Elizabeth Sollie and beginning August 1st, I will be your next interim minister. I am from Colorado though I have not been home for quite a while now. It is merely coincidence that Rev. Rinehart and I are from the same state. Truly, other states produce interim ministers as well.

Starr King will be my third interim ministry. At each transition, I get questions about when I might be eligible to become a “real” minister —meaning a settled minister. Interim ministry, however, is my calling and I look forward to many more years of serving our denomination in this way.

I have two grown sons, a daughter-in-law and one grandchild. I am also blessed to have one of those energizer bunny UU mothers who is still busy saving the world.

I very much look forward to the work we will do together and to the fun we will have. I feel like you are a gift waiting to be unwrapped and look forward to the time when I know your names and your stories and we can’t imagine we were ever strangers to one another.”