COVID GUIDELINES: Caring for One Another

We have become aware that persons in our congregation have been diagnosed with COVID. The following will continue to guide our work:

  • Values of love, inclusion, justice, safety, and to do no harm
  • Protection of the vulnerable among us: we will not contribute to community spread of COVID-19
  • Belief in Good Science, continuing to review new information for spikes and new CDC Guidelines
  • Full transparency about our decision making process
  • Deep listening

Consistent with the policies that have guided us since July, 2021 and our re-opening in August, 2023, we want to alert you to current Alameda County Guidelines. Alameda County is aligned with state isolation guidance for the general public, including schools and child care.

  • Stay home if you have COVID-19 symptoms, until you have not had a fever for 24 hours without using fever reducing medication AND other COVID-19 symptoms  are mild and improving.
  • Mask when you are around other people indoors for 10 days* after you become sick or test positive (if no symptoms). You may remove your mask sooner than 10 days if you have two negative tests at least one day apart.
  • Avoid contact with people at higher-risk for severe COVID-19 for 10 days*.  Higher-risk individuals include the elderly and those who live in congregate care facilities.
  • Seek treatment. If you have symptoms, contact a healthcare provider as soon as you test positive, especially if you are at higher risk for severe COVID-19.  You can be infectious 2 days before symptoms begin or you test positive (if no symptoms) through Day 10. Day 0 is the date of symptoms or positive test.

There are masks available on the entrance to the Church. If you have questions, please reach out to President, Mileva Saulo Lewis,