The Committee on Ministry focuses on the mission defined for it by the church bylaws:

“Starr King UU Church recognizes that the responsibility for ministry extends beyond the minister to the entire congregation; it is an extension of our congregational covenant to one another of mutual trust and support. The purpose of the Committee on Ministry (COM) is to foster this “Shared Ministry” – a close collaboration of lay and ordained leadership that establishes the mission and goals of the church, clearly communicates those objectives to the congregation in terms of ministry, and assesses our progress in achieving those objectives. In short, the COM determines how well we “walk our talk”, “practice what we preach” and “live our values”.

The COM meets with the Minister monthly, each in an advisory capacity, and meets with the Board at least annually. Monthly meetings are open to congregation members, except for portions dealing with confidential matters. Members of the congregation may bring issues of concern to the COM or to individual members of the committee for discussion, advice, and facilitation.”

Committee Tasks

  • Continually monitor congregational life
  • Help model healthy and deepening relationships with minister(s) and program staff
  • Educate itself about ministry
  • Support continuing education of the congregation for its growing understanding and skill in shared ministry
  • Coordinate periodic assessment of the shared ministry of the congregation and its leadership components
  • Periodically advise the board regarding the health of shared ministry
  • Support the minister’s planning for continuing education, sabbaticals, and other professional development
  • Recommend and actively supports such plans to the board and the congregation

The Committee on Ministry has no fewer than three and no more than seven members. Each term is three years, with overlapping terms providing for the continuity of two or more members each year. Members are chosen by joint appointment of the Board, the Minister, and the Committee. Current members of the Committee on Ministry are Beth Ogilvie, Corina Vasaure, and Keith Lewis.