We welcome you!  If you choose to support the life and principles of our church we invite you to become a member. As a symbol of this welcome, our membership book sits open upon our altar.

Our church is governed by democratic principles. By becoming a member you become eligible to vote in church elections and decisions. Church members normally support the church with an annual financial pledge, and participate actively in the congregation as their time permits.

A common pathway to membership is to attend Sunday services for a while, and come to Visitors’ Circle, an informal informational session for new visitors. Visitors’ Circles are held on the first Sunday of each month, after the service.  At that time a few members of the church share their spiritual background and current spiritual path. New visitors are encouraged to share their own background and describe the type of spiritual community they are seeking.

You’re always welcome to meet one-to-one with the minister.

member join

After deciding to join, new members sign our Membership Book, and are introduced to the congregation at a welcoming ceremony where the congregation and new members make formal promises of mutual support.

The minister or experienced church members occasionally offer a six-week Adult Religious Exploration course titled “Building Your Own Theology.” It assists attendees in exploring and developing their own personal theology. It’s especially popular with people who are new to Unitarian Universalism, but is also rewarding for long time members. Signing up more than once is common, as personal understanding and spirituality continues to evolve.