Church services and friendships help us through routine difficulties, but everyone has times of needing extra loving support. Perhaps you are experiencing a career transition, the birth or adoption of a new baby, the declining health of a parent, the death of a loved one, a challenge in parenting or life-partnership, a prolonged illness or surgery, a spiritual crisis, or some other significant life experience. Our minister is trained to provide you with the help you need to deal with difficult times.

In times of crises and difficult transitions, we also have a Pastoral Support Team who will lovingly provide: 

  • Home or hospital visits
  • Chats by phone or email
  • Transportation to appointments and church services
  • Preparation and/or delivery of a meal
  • Completion of errands
  • Some durable medical equipment for loan

If you fill out and file Life Crisis Form, the Pastoral Support Team can also provide valuable assistance should you become incapacitated.

To reach out to the Pastoral Support Team, please email