Purpose: As one facet of social activism that reflects our shared passions and principles, maintain our congregation’s connection with the Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless families. In 2018 FESCO merged with La Familia Counseling Services. Learn More About FESCO

Donate to FESCO

Membership and Meetings:  This position is voluntary or recruited. There are no required meetings.

Responsibilities of FESCO Liaisons:

  • Keep informed about FESCO
  • At least once each quarter, inform the congregation about the purpose of FESCO, its needs, any important recent events, and upcoming events in which the congregation can help
  • As your time and energy allows, participate in activities at FESCO. The FESCO “Minister” may choose to attend meetings of the FESCO Board, or serve on the FESCO Board.

Kathryn Lamar has volunteered for this role.