The finance committee manages the church’s financial affairs legally, ethically, compassionately, prudently, and transparently. It assists the church in developing budgets and fundraising initiatives that support the congregation’s needs, goals, and values. If you have questions, please contact treasurer Teri Own,


Chair of Finance Committee, Keith Lewis

The chair develops agendas for meetings, chairs the meetings, and ensures that all committee responsibilities are met.

Treasurer, Terri Owen

The treasurer serves on the board of trustees and as a member of the executive committee. If you have any questions about management of the church’s affairs, please get in touch at

Stewardship Secretaries, Rene and René Castle

The stewardship secretaries report to the treasurer weekly. They receive and deposit funds, send pledge notices, maintain pledge records, and send out tax notices in January.

Fundraising Subcommittee

The fundraising subcommittee plans events that raise funds for the church in accordance with our SKUUC Fundraising Events Policy. Membership is determined by the Finance Committee. (Planning a Church Event)

Service Auction Coordinator

The service auction coordinator is chosen as needed to plan, organize, promote, and

Canvass Chair

The canvass chair is appointed as needed to oversee the annual canvass. If you are interested in supporting the church in this role, please contact our treasurer at

Memorial and Endowment Fund Manager

The manager oversees the investment of memorial and endowment funds. They submit reports, send out statements to donors, and serve as liaison to inform the congregation about giving to the funds.
This position is currently vacant. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our treasurer at