We are so proud of our beautiful Green Sanctuary and grateful to everyone who keeps it going. This committee is all about environmental sustainability. We work closely with other committees to make sure the church is doing its best fulfill our environmental commitments. You could help make sure our grounds and interior stay green, right down to our eco-friendly candles! Or get involved with the youth program as they care for their own garden. Or help plan our annual Earth Fair. There are many ways to get involved, and we value your creativity and input!


Purpose: To actively work to protect the earth and its resources by encouraging and maintaining environmentally sustainable actions by the church, by congregation members, and by the community at large


Membership and Meetings:  Membership is voluntary. Ex officio members include members of the Building, Grounds, and Interior Committees. Meetings are slated for various Sundays between February and April prior to the Earth Fair and at other times as needed.



  • Ensure compliance with the UUA’s Green Sanctuary Program
  • Coordinate the Annual Earth Fair
  • Work to improve the environmental sustainability of the church grounds
  • Work to minimize our negative environmental impact of the church buildings
  • Provide environmentally relevant information to congregation members and to the community at large
  • Encourage environmentally relevant social activism that reflects our shared principles
  • Prepare an annual report


Green Sanctuary Facilitator Job Description (Colleen Saia)

  • Prepare agendas for and chair meetings of the Committee
  • Ensure that the Committee is represented at meetings of the Social Justice Committee
  • Ensure that all Committee responsibilities are met