Purpose: To actively work to protect the earth and its resources by encouraging and maintaining environmentally sustainable actions by the church, by congregation members, and by the community at large

Membership and Meetings:  Membership is voluntary. Ex Officio members include members of the Building, Grounds, and Interior Committees. Meetings are slated for various Sundays between February and April prior to the Earth Fair, at other times as needed and are under the leadership of the Committee Facilitator.


  • Ensure compliance with the UUA’s Green Sanctuary Program
  • Coordinate Annual Earth Fair (photos)
  • Work to improve the environmental sustainability of the church grounds
  • Work to minimize the negative environmental impact of the church buildings
  • Work to minimize the negative environmental impact of materials used by the church
  • Work to balance the negative environmental impact of church activities with the benefits of those activities
  • Provide environmentally relevant information to congregation members and to the community at large
  • Encourage environmentally relevant social activism that reflects our shared principles
  • Prepare an annual report


Green Sanctuary Facilitator Job Description (Colleen Saia)

  • Prepare agendas for and chair meetings of the Committee
  • Ensure that the Committee is represented at meetings of the Social Justice Committee
  • Ensure that all Committee responsibilities are met

2014/2015 Green Sanctuary and SKUU Member Activities & Events

1. Participation in 2 City of Hayward Trash Clean-Up Days
2.  Earth themed services
3.  Hosted SKUU’s Annual Earth Day Fair that included:
encouraging members to make a pledge to lower their carbon footprint, a workshop on how to join TimeBank, a sharing economy group, learning ways to keep wild animals safe, information on climate change, the importance of saying “no” to single use plastic bottles and a related pledge,  how to reduce food waste and methane emissions by using the garbage disposal and how to go beyond saving water on an individual level.  As a result of a churchwide carbon reduction pledge, members agreed to reduce their “carbon consumption” by the equivalent of at least 2 people! 
4. growing organic vegetables on site
5. Committee members Darryl and Renee Ray host a weekly egg  and cheese CSA
6. Members frequently donate excess eggs, fruit and produce to South Hayward Parish

We encourage members to ask themselves these green sanctuary challenge questions, and we welcome your contributions to helping us achieve an ever more Earth friendly church and personal life.

Committee Members

Colleen Saia, Facilitator

Alison Corson , Carol Henrie, Chris Bacina, Collin Carrell, Crystal Carroll, Darryl Ray, David Baker, Doug Sprague, Evelyn Cormier, Frank Burton, Jo and Al Murdock, Joyce Kinnear, Karena McKinley, Lea Casini, Mary Lasack, Mary Swain, Rebecca Parr, Regina Fassano, Renee Ray, Roy Dickerson, Terry and Mike Preston, Walt Korus, and Wendy Robertson