Purpose: To actively work to create and maintain a safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing and well supplied church interior

Membership and Meetings:  Membership is voluntary. There are no meetings. Assistance is welcome at any time—just ask Lavon Hodges, our “Interior Minister,” for guidance.


  • Liaison with janitorial service.
  • Receive and act on requests from congregation members and staff for repairs and supplies.
  • Schedule and supervise interior maintenance, e.g., carpet and floor cleaning, painting
  • Maintain a neat appearance of interior spaces, putting things away and cleaning as needed, at least every few weeks.
  • Arrange and maintain organized storage for all kitchen, dining, and cleaning supplies, and ensure that necessary provisions are present. Coffee is on automatic order.
  • Assist in church functions by ensuring proper condition of facilities and establishing location of provided equipment.
  • In cooperation with the Minister, evaluate whether in-kind gifts are of use to the church; acknowledge gifts that are accepted and reject with thanks any gifts that are not needed.
  • Prepare an annual report

    Maximizing sustainability
    Maximizing sustainability