The Nominating Committee ensures that church leadership positions are held by qualified trustworthy people. They select candidates for the Board and for the NomCom itself, and present this slate of candidates to the membership for a vote at the annual congregational meeting in May. The number of candidates varies from year to year as specified in the bylaws. The NomCom also assists the Board in filling key committee chair positions and fosters leadership development within the congregation. The committee meets as needed. Meetings are confidential.

Are you interested in serving the church in a meaningful way?

The NomCom is always looking for people to help guide our congregation ever closer to our shared values. Serving the church this way is an opportunity to connect more deeply with our beloved community. If you feel called to serve our congregation in this important way, you are invited to review the job descriptions below, then fill out this brief nomination form.

If you would like to receive these materials in another format, such as PDF, or have questions, please contact the committee at or write to us at Starr King UU Church, 22577 Bayview Avenue, Hayward CA 94541.

Nominating Committee Vision

We (the NomCom) endeavor to nominate individuals for church leadership who embrace the following vision:

  1. We (the congregation) are relational and spiritual as well as practical. Our meetings are spiritually uplifting and deeply nourishing as well as supportive of our community in practical ways.

  2. We have strong partnerships among the minister, the board, and the congregation. These working relationships are invigorating and mutually rewarding, and strengthen our shared ministry.

  3. We have compassion with accountability. We recognize that living our values fully requires attention and feedback and frequent adjustments to how we are together. We embrace the redemptive process of listening, owning our wrongs, apologizing and repair, understanding that this leads to grace* and true community.

  4. We plan for future generations. Our decision making looks beyond the present to when the children of the church are grown, and when their children are grown, to the kind of church we want for them.

*Grace: The state of living in alignment with our values. When we are “missing the mark” in some way, we fall out of grace. The redemptive process restores us to grace.