We want our congregation to feel safe and loved. The pastoral care committee lovingly supports members through crises and transitions. For requests and questions, please get in touch at pastoralcare@starrking.org. We also encourage you to fill out a Life Crisis Form and give a copy to the office, so we can give you the best support in case of emergency.

We work with the minister to respond, with kindness and respect, to the needs of our church community by providing:

  • Home or hospital visits, phone calls, and email chats
  • Cards of caring, concern, and congratulation to church members
  • Transportation to and from appointments and church
  • Preparation and/or delivery of a meal
  • Completion of errands
  • Some durable medical equipment for loan

We meet at Starr King on the second Wednesday of each month at 3pm. The chair is responsible for preparing agendas, guiding meetings, preparing an annual report, and ensuring that we meet our responsibilities.


The Safety Subcommittee

Monitor and improve the security and safety of the congregation, building, and property, focusing on:

  • Data security
  • Fire codes
  • Safety signage
  • Emergency training, including medical emergencies
  • Installation of safety equipment
  • Building security

Email safety@starrking.org if you have any questions or suggestions.