Purpose: To lovingly support our members through crises and transitions and improve congregational safety. Life Crisis Form.

Membership and Meetings:  Vacancies on the committee are filled by the minister and the committee chair. Meetings are held at the church on the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM.

The Pastoral Support Team works with the Minister to respond, with kindness and respect, to the pastoral needs of our church community by providing:

  • Home or hospital visits
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Rides to and from church
  • Visits by phone or email
  • Preparation and/or delivery of a meal
  • Completion of errands
  • Cards of caring, concern, and congratulation to church members
  • Some durable medical equipment for loan

The Safety Subcommittee (Bob Britton)

Monitor and improve the security and safety of the congregation, building, and property, focussing on:

  • Data security
  • Fire codes
  • Safety signage
  • Emergency training, including medical emergencies
  • Installation of safety equipment
  • Building security


Job Description for Co-Chairs of Pastoral Care Committee  (Karen Cook and Georgia Gruver)

  • Prepare agendas for and chair meetings of the Committee
  • Ensure that all committee responsibilities are met, including the preparation of an annual report