Purpose: To address state, national, and global issues relevant to our shared passions and principles

Membership and Meetings: Membership is voluntary; members can join and leave as their time allows. Meetings are held on 2nd Sundays, after Sunday service, under the leadership of the Team Leader.


  • Develop a calendar of events or actions intended to engage many members of the congregation and the wider community
  • Appropriate issues shall include but not be limited to social justice, peace, and environmental sustainability
  • Produce events
  • Provide relevant information to congregation members and to the community at large
  • Maintain an email list of members
  • Inform members of current issues and events in which they may want to take independent action
  • Ensure that committee meetings are on the church calendar
  • Prepare an annual report

Job Description of Peace & Justice Action Team Leader (Frank Burton)

  • Prepare agendas for and chair meetings of the Team
  • Ensure that all Team responsibilities are met