PURPOSE: To assist the church to conduct its business affairs legally, ethically, compassionately, and prudently.

MEMBERSHIP AND MEETINGS: The Personnel Committee shall consist of at least three members appointed by the Board of Trustees. Membership shall be re-considered every two years. Meetings are infrequent. Most business is conducted by e-mail.


  • Ensure conformity with national and state equity laws and fair employment practices.
  • Develop and maintain a Personnel Manual that details the policies and procedures for hiring, firing, supervising, and evaluating non-ministerial staff, and states who is eligible for employment–members or not. The manual also includes sections on benefits, sick time, vacation time, grievance procedures, and developing contracts and letters of agreement.
  • In consultation with the Board of Trustees and relevant committees, develop and maintain contracts or letters of agreement and job descriptions for all non-ministerial staff. This will include interns and Religious Exploration staff.
  • Ensure that annual evaluations are performed for all staff, and the results reported to the Board of Trustees.
  • Be available to assist all units of the church that have supervisorial functions.
  • Recommend changes in personnel and working conditions to the Board of Trustees.
  • Prepare an annual report