Faithfully Becoming, Family Ministries

Starr King has deeply committed to its children, youth and families. Join us today for an Intergenerational Service, as we celebrate our Family Ministry and volunteers.

Gathering Hymn #6, Just as Long as I Have Breath * Gathering Hymn #360, Here We Have Gathered * Welcome * Call to Worship (slide) * Opening Hymn #338, I Seek the Spirit of a Child * Land Acknowledgment * Chalice Lighting * SoUUlful Families Ministry * Singing the children out * Prayer, Candles of Joys, Sorrows & Gratitude * Hymn #38 Morning Has Broken * Sermon: Faithfully Becoming: Family Ministry, Rev. Ruth * Offertory * Extinguishing the Chalice * Benediction * Closing Hymn:#34, Though I May Speak With Bravest Fire * Announcements, Invitation and Final Wave