Native Lands

We live on unceded land, and most of us have settler/colonial ancestry. Land acknowledgements have been controversial in this congregation. Join us as we reflect on our relationship with this land and what our role is past, present and future.

Order of Service


Opening Hymn: #361, Enter Rejoice and Come In

Land Acknowledgment

Chalice Lighting

Hymn: #121, We’ll Build a Land

Call to Worship

SoUUlful Families Ministry

Candles of Joys, Sorrows & Gratitude

Musical Meditation

Homily: Native Lands, Rev Ruth


Extinguishing the Chalice


Closing Music: The Halluci Nation – Land Back Ft. Boogey The Beat & Northern Voice

Worship Team

Minister:  Rev. Ruth Rinehart

Worship Associate:  Ben Ogilvie

Tech Team: Beth Dombach & Nathan Heigert

Pianist:  Linli Wang

Zoom Chalice Keepers: Maria Clay-Emerson & Larry Emerson

Zoom Greeter: Stephanie Smith