Vulnerability of Finances

While money is a story — an illusion, really — it is an agreement our culture has made. Its values are so often completely out of alignment with our highest selves. Explore with us the vulnerability of money.

Order of Service

  • Gathering Hymn: #346, Come Sing a Song With Me 
  • Gathering Hymn: #361, Enter Rejoice and Come In
  • Welcome
  • Land Acknowledgment
  • Chalice Lighting
  • Hymn: #396, I Know This Rose Will Open 
  • Call to Worship: Litany of Wholeheartedness 
  • Stewardship Testimonial: Terri Owen
  • Prayer, Candles of Joys, Sorrows & Gratitude
  • Choir: How Can I Keep from Singing
  • Sermon: Rev Ruth: Vulnerability of Finances
  • Offertory 
  • Extinguishing the Chalice 
  • Benediction
  • Closing Hymn: #318, We Would Be One
  • Announcements, Invitation and Final Wave


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