We laugh, we cry, we sing, we die . . .

IMG_7989Services to honor loved ones who have passed on can be very personal occasions. In our church, these services are developed by the family of the deceased and the minister to specially honor the memory of that individual. The service might include the following elements:

  • A eulogy
  • Poems and other readings
  • Prayer or meditation
  • A time to remember the deceased with stories and memories
  • Hymn singing or other music
  • A time for personal reflection

For families without a particular religious affiliation, or with diverse religious backgrounds, our church provides an environment that honors their loved ones regardless of religious affiliation. Because of our strong respect for each person’s  beliefs and values, each memorial service is custom-crafted to reflect the personality of the family and the deceased. This respect and our flexibility enable Unitarian Universalist ministers to be skilled officiants for interfaith services, atheist services, and services for those with Unitarian Universalism’s diverse beliefs.

If you would like to have our minister preside over a funeral or other memorial service, please contact our office or minister.

Our facility is available for rental. However, all memorial services must be scheduled in consultation with the minister. If the minister is unable to officiate, the minister will work with the couple to find another officiant.

SKUUC Memorial Services Policy