Purpose: To ensure that Sunday services provide spiritual and esthetic rewards and intellectual and moral stimulation, celebrate each individual’s search for truth, and reflect our shared principles and passions

Membership and Meetings:  Membership is voluntary. Meetings are held monthly on third Thursdays at 7:00 PM under the joint leadership of the minister and the chair of the committee.


  • Assist the minister and visiting ministers during Sunday services.
  • Work with the minister to determine which Sundays will use visiting ministers and which will be lay led.
  • Invite visiting ministers as necessary.
  • Create and manage lay led services.
  • Ensure that a worship associate, ushers, and a sound associate are present for all Sunday services.
  • Ensure that music is considered for all Sunday services, and provided as appropriate.
  • Work with the minister to decorate the chancel.
  • Ensure that the chancel is in good order, including chalice, lighting materials, candles, chime, collection baskets, water, and any other necessary materials.
  • Ensure that the sanctuary is in good order, including chairs, hymnals, lights, blinds, windows, and any other necessary items.
  • Work to ensure that flowers are provided.
  • Collect the offertory baskets and count the money at the end of the service with a board member.
  • Prepare an annual report


Job Description for Chair of Worship Committee (Glen Jacob) 

  • Work with the minster to develop agendas for committee meetings
  • Ensure that all committee responsibilities are met
  • Chair meetings when the minister is not in attendance


           Job Description for Worship Associate 

  • Open Sunday Services
  • Assist with Candles of Joys and Sorrows
  • Collect the offertory baskets and count the money at the end of the service with a board member.
  • Collect the Joys and Sorrows slips. After the service, stamp them with the date, and place them in the minister’s inbox in the main office
  • Assist in any other way requested by the minister, visiting minister, or as assigned by the Worship Committee


Job Description for Usher Coordinator (Lavon Hodges)

  • Create annual schedule for ushers. Keep it in the usher drawer.
  • Remind ushers on a weekly basis that they are scheduled.
  • Inform the worship associate who is serving as ushers.
  • Submit weekly attendance figures to the Board President.
  • Obtain ushers for memorial services if needed.


Job Description for Ushers 

The role of an usher is to provide a comfortable experience during the worship service. 

  • Assist visitors with finding seats.
  • Insofar as possible ensure that chairs are available for everyone.
  • Pass the baskets during collection and give them to the worship associate.
  • Adjust the fans, lights, or blinds as necessary.


Sound Associate Instructions (click here)

Podcasting Instructions (click here)