DRE’s Message – A New Director of Religious Exploration Comes to Starr King Church

There is new paint on the walls, fresh sanctuary construction, and beautiful windows creating a view of our gorgeous surroundings here in Hayward.  This year brings opportunities for transformation, prioritizing what has worked well in the past, and new dialogue.  In this new space, a community can open itself for internal reflection and external outreach or exploration.

I just want to start off by saying that I am so excited to begin working with your congregation.  My first day in the office started off with planning children’s stories for an upcoming service and multi-generational worship for the year.  There is so much to look forward to.

Let me begin by telling you a bit about what I bring to the table.  I am a third-year seminarian at Starr King School for the Ministry, studying for parish ministry with a Religious Education focus.  Before that, I did my undergraduate studies at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH.  My background includes early childhood education, multi-generational experiential learning, and high school youth advising at a congregation in the Bay Area.  These experiences collectively inform my ministry and how I plan to work with SKUUC.  I have lived all over the United States in Chicago, Ohio, Connecticut, and many parts of California.

What I am excitedly anticipating in the coming months is getting to know you all and working to support Religious Exploration programming.  The service to kick-off Religious Exploration is coming up around the corner on September 19th.  There, we will renew our Religious Exploration Covenant and begin a new year of programming.  What interested me especially in coming to SKUUC was your shared ministry model.  Upon meeting a few members my first Sunday, I was impressed with how many folks told me they had been involved in leading a Funshop in the past or were planning to lead a Funshop in the future.  Religious Exploration is a community ministry and I am looking forward to hearing your ideas and working with you in the spirit of creativity and learning to support our young folks.

Please feel free to come and talk to me anytime about concerns, questions, or offered support for Religious Exploration here at SKUUC. My email address is dre@starrking.org.

Lane Campbell