DRE’s Message – Falling Into the New Church Year

The Fall is beginning- children are starting school, church is back to its regularly scheduled time, and the days are beginning to change.  Each year brings new beginnings, new people, new energy.  And in the midst of these changes, some things stay constant.  We hold tight to that which is stable, the things that have worked well all along.

As our church year begins anew and we look towards the coming year, some things will change, some will stay the same.  The Religious Exploration Council met for the first time and we brainstormed a vision for the upcoming year.  Our Funshop Program for elementary-aged kids will be centered around developing a Unitarian Universalist identity.  They will be lighting a chalice, connecting their activities to at least one of our 7 Principles, and singing many UU-themed songs.

This is an act of grounding our children and youth in Unitarian Universalist values, faith, and perspectives.  Just as we develop and discern our own theologies as adults, young folks will be invited to join us in this exciting process.    What does it mean to be a Unitarian Universalist?  How does our religion call us to live our lives?  Some of the Funshops offered this Fall will focus on strengthening the connection between our younger generation and the larger community.  Please contact me if you are interested in offering a Funshop at der@starrking.org.

Refreshed and renewed by the first multi-generational worship service of the year, I would like to leave you with a reading by Carol Meyer to consider:

We Are People of All Ages by Carol Meyer

We are people of all ages who enter this space bringing our joys and our concerns.
We come together in hope.

We greet each other warmly with our voices and our smiles.
We come together in peace.

We light the chalice to symbolize our interdependence and our unity.
We come together in harmony.

We share our growth and our aspirations.
We come together in wonder.

We share our losses and our disappointments.
We come together in sorrow.

We share our concern and our compassion.
We come together in love.

We come to this place bringing our doubts and our faith.
We come together as seekers.

We sing and pray and listen. We speak and read and dream. We think and ponder and reflect. We cry and laugh and center. We mourn and celebrate and meditate. We strive for justice and for mercy.
We come together in worship.

May It Be So,