Minister’s Message

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ~Dr. Seuss

I’m ready to share my annual book list. Summertime is only a few weeks away, and my recent Kindle purchase has already got me reading some lighter fare than I would have previously looked at before my vacation. I’ve already made it through some great celebrity memoirs (Tina Fey and Rob Lowe); I’ll be reading the new book by Joseph Ellis, The First Family, about Abigail and John Adams (Unitarians). I also have plans to read the new book by our UU seminary president, Rebecca Parker, and former UUA president, John Buehrens, A House for Hope.
In the past, I’ve invited you to share with me what you’re reading but found I haven’t received much response. I’m hoping that our new communication methods will encourage sharing. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking of reading, what you’ve already read that excites you, or what you’re looking to discover.
Recently, as part of the “check in” at a committee meeting, a member shared a beloved new read, The Wolverine Way, by Douglas Chadwick, that moved another in the room to go get the book for himself. So, we’ve created a little wolverine-lover’s alliance. Who knows what else we can learn?
If you’d like to read, discuss and experience fellowship, our Starr King Book Group meets on a regular basis in members’ homes. They rotate the book choices amongst the group.
We’ve also established an Anti-Racist, Multi-Cultural Alliance to which all members and friends are welcome. The group has made, as one priority, book reading both for education and fun. We are currently reading multi-cultural ally Tim Wise’s book, White Like Me. How terrific if we could persuade the rest of you to read with us? We’ll meet for a potluck on Friday night July 8th to discuss the book.
Also in July, we’ll hold the book communion during worship, which will give us a chance to share together a love of reading, education and the joy of sharing what we love. Be thinking of the book you might like to give to another member of the congregation.
In September, our love of reading will progress to the entire church when I’ll invite the congregation to read together a book for our “common read.” So pick up an extra pair of reading glasses if you need them, and find a comfy chair or beach, and prepare for the spiritual gifts of reading. I look forward to meeting you in the discovery.