Minister’s Message – My Life Flows On – A Year of Exploration!

The above titled theme for the year ahead will frame our theological reflection and worship life as we deepen our Unitarian Universalist connections to our history and great aspirations. Each month, lyrics from the hymn “How Can I Keep From Singing” will ground a series of topics that I’ll develop (along with help from the worship team) in sermons, rituals and celebrations.
This month, we’ll explore the arts in worship with the theme of: “Echo in My Soul.” For the four Sundays this month, we’ve scheduled theatre, poetry, singing, and visual arts. The theme is a good reminder for us to venture out past the usual, whatever our own version of that may be, to discover the new. Summer is a great time to do that. Everywhere we go, we come across festivals that include abbreviated or into-level of activities. You can attend many a performance in many a park if you but Google the word festival or browse the Friday section of the local paper. I’m going to be traveling and I’ve got a mighty full schedule, but already I’ve located a free summer concert within walking distance from my dad’s house while I’m there. I’m not familiar with the musician, but I’m sure I’ll find plenty to listen to, and I can always enjoy the people-watching.
My phone comes equipped with a good camera, which allows me no excuse for not snapping photos at any moment. I’ve shared my shots and found loads of stunning photography online as people post the places and discoveries they’ve seen. I know some of you are already better at capturing these snapshots that I am; and we’ve got room if you’d like to share them in worship on August 28th.
And, as we consider summer, and all the places you’ll go, please collect just a bit of water from your travels, so that we can co-mingle it together on the second week of September.
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon, looking forward to hearing of your travels and to cobbling together all the art of your summer we can find.
It’ll be a year of exploration—as I take the four months of January through April to do mine for sabbatical, I know you will explore and discover your own treasures. May you begin now. May your life flow on!

Safe passage!