Book Club – November 2012

Our Starr King book club met Thursday, November 8, at the Kinnears’ house.  We had five people at the discussion, including Terry Hunt, Ruth Kuftin, Jo Murdoch, Donnie Rett, and Joyce Kinnear.  After sipping tea and eating cookies, we moved to the book discussion portion.

The book under discussion was “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave.  It is a book about how illegal immigration, refugee status and moral anguish affect a British family and a young girl caught up in the oil wars in Nigeria.  All at the book club agreed that the book is beautifully written, with a sorrowful ending that really gets you thinking about immigration and its affects on us all.  This discussion lead to a thoughtful reminder by Jo Murdoch of the Justice GA in Phoenix last year, along with Donnie Rett’s thoughts that immigration and deportation is so rarely discussed in most mainstream media.  It was a really interesting and engaging conversation.

After the hour or so long discussion of the book, we picked our January read–“The Probable Future” by Alice Hoffman.  Alice Hoffman is a great author.  This book, set in the Northeast, focuses on a family of interesting and complex women and how they deal with each other and their small community.  It’s a great book.  Join us in reading it!