DRE’s Message – Religious Exploration

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
– Albert Schweitzer

This time of year I gather boxes of small votive candles, a box of matches and buckets of gratitude and head to beach. As I sit, lulled by the rhythm of the salty swells, I take a candle, whisper a gratitude to the cosmos, then set alight a wick. I light candle after candle, scattering words of appreciation into the breeze, hoping that they will make their way to the ears of those who have contributed to my life. This year I’ll need a trailer full of candles to acknowledge all of those here at Starr King church that have enriched my life, as well as the lives of our children.

I’ll need candles for all of those on Religious Exploration Council including Doug Sprague, Diana Dickerson, Bobby Robinson, Mary Keisling, Lea Casini and Ruth Kuftin. I’ll ignite candles to thank all of those who volunteered as teachers, funshop leaders, and funshop assistants including Allison Prout, Mary Keisling, Karen Carrell, Robin Fink, Diane Meyerson, Natalie Forrest, Regina Fassano, Lavone Hodges, Al Murdoch, Linda Myoshi, Roy Dickerson, Joy Johnson and I am certain others. I’ll light candles for Georgia Gruver, Beth Oligive, Melody Appleton, and Kelli Abatangelo for getting information about the Religious Exploration program out into the Starr King community. I’ll set candles ablaze for those who have made the Holiday parties so special including Robin Fink, Carol Henrie, Karen Carrell, and Diana Dickerson, as well as others whose names escape my porous memory at this moment. I’ll set alight candles for all of those who improved the children’s play area including Bobby Robinson, Carol Henrie, and many others whose names I don’t know. Gosh, and that’s just the candles since September!

I’ll light candles for all of those who care for the babies and infants during worship including Donnie Rett, Diane Meyerson, Zelma Nunez-Borja, Natalie Forrest, Doug Sprague and Lavon Hodges. I’ll light candles for the Story-tellers who stories enchant you and old alike including Doug Sprague, Glen Jacob, Diana Dickerson, Lea Casini, Allison Prout, and Stuart Fink. I’ll put a match to candle for Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris whose liturgies awe and support provides me critical guidance. I’ll light candles for all of those who bring the children to church and Religious Exploration. I’ll light 25 more candles for all of those who have helped the children but I have neglected to mention by name but none-the-less deeply appreciative their support. Last, a candle will blaze for each child and each youth, as each is a gift to each other, to our church, and to me.