Katie’s Bay View – ‘Round Me Close

As I write, it’s graduation day for some dear folks I know. Tomorrow there are others who graduate, and in the weeks to come, still more commencements from high school, college and more. I’ll be hanging around the “graduation” section of the Hallmark rack, and considering the milestones and accomplishments of loved ones and acquaintances near and far.
As far as I know, we don’t have anyone graduating who is connected with our church, and I hope you’ll let me know if I am wrong about that, because one of things that religious community does is recognize important milestones like graduations. A number of years ago, we had a large group of high school “bridgers,” seniors who were moving to their next stage. For some it would be a four year school, for others, community college, and still others would be moving on to other work or life discernment. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay connected to young people. Youth and young adults often find their lives full and stretched to capacity, not always leaving room for a Sunday morning traditional church experience.
From what we are discovering, it doesn’t mean they still don’t consider themselves Unitarian Universalist. Over 650,000 people call themselves UU, when only 160,000 of them belong to churches. All the more reason we need to look outside of our doors when we consider whom it is we serve. I hope you’ll look on our website for links to the good work that our movement is doing beyond our particular Hayward church.
The YouTube video, Congregations and Beyond, featuring the Rev. Terasa Cooley, talks about the challenges we face and direction we aim to take. I’ll also preach on it on June 3rd.
I’ll be participating in Ministry Days and General Assembly to be held this year in Phoenix, Arizona near the end of June. Our members Jo Murdach and Evelyn Cormier will also be in attendance and will serve with me as delegates. Please watch for my Weekly Updates where I’ll keep you posted as to what’s going on. If you don’t get the Minister’s Weekly Update but you want to, you can sign up on the front page of our website, www.starrking.org.
Wise words from Confucius, advise, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” And for some of us, just witnessing these graduations are a reminder that we are all moving on. Let us do so, with all our hearts.

With love,