Welcoming Congregation Refresher Program Task Force, meeting 1

On October 7, 2012, we had the first meeting of the Welcoming Congregation Refresher Program task force.

Attendees: Beth Ogilvie (chair), Regina Fasano, Bob Meyerson, Joy Johnson, Georgia Gruver, John Gruver, Karen Cook, Lea Casini, Frank Satterwhite, Colleen Dino, Dirk Dino, Katie Kandarian-Morris, Heidi Green, Susan Straghalis. [Did I miss anyone?]

Action items [status updated 12/26/12]:

  • Ask Bob Britton for a summary of the original welcoming congregation program. Status: Completed 11/13/12. See blog entry, Original Welcoming Congregation Program by Bob Britton.
  • Have people write articles for the Chalice explaining why the welcoming congregation program is important to them. Status: Bob Meyerson wrote one article, and Georgia wrote another.
  • Organize a meeting to plan educational sessions on bisexuality and transgender issues. [Beth; done]
  • Publicize the UUA’s inclusive language. Status: Started. UUA’s inclusive language guidance given to committee chairs at the November Committe Council meeting.
  • Ask Darcy how she plans to incorporate BGLTQ issues into the RE curriculum. [Lea, Beth; done]
  • Continue to brainstorm about opportunities for community involvement, then make a plan and get started. We have some already (CV Pride, gay prom). [Beth to organize]