Katie’s Bay View – January 2013

What do I imagine for the year ahead? What do I wish for our community? I ask for you to make worship a priority, as worship is the main place for our coming together as a community. I ask for you to find spiritual practices that make your heart happy, whether it is to take and share photos of bits of beauty in your world, or in folding your laundry, or creating dates for your regular walking or hiking, or in cooking your evening meal.

I believe that in these days of overly scheduled time, we must be intentional about our choice to be in religious community. I believe that Starr King Unitarian Church is a such a quality place for encouraging and reminding us of important values, a place for spiritual growth, and a place to find healing comfort and mark life’s passages.

I wish you a very Happy New Year as well as all these things above!

Love, Katie