President’s Blog – Special Update

As our congregation enters this time of ministerial transition, the Board of Trustees intends to keep communications open with the members and visitors of Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church.

At our invitation, PCD Executive Josh Searle-White attended our March 6th board meeting to help us understand the several options available to us in making this important transition. He explained that the role of an Interim Minister is to help evaluate the health of a congregation and to assess the needs to be filled by the next called minister.

The Board is exploring all the options presented to us, and will meet again next week. As the elected leaders of this church, you have entrusted the Board of Trustees by the articles listed in our bylaws to make this decision, a decision we are not taking lightly.

The most important message I can share with you all is there is no single right or wrong decision. Our congregation has come through the ministerial transition many times over the past 60 years. We have made good choices, and have been able to establish long-term, productive relationships with our ministers and staff. I have faith that this tradition will continue. We expect that it will take time to reflect on the qualities we are looking for in our next Minister, and encourage you to discuss your questions and concerns with members of the Board of Trustees during this transition.

Colleen Dino