Family Minister’s Blog – April 2014

Lesson learned from our month of spiritual practices in March: when doing a walking meditation with children, do NOT walk by the playground! There is much in our life, no matter how much power we may have, that we cannot control or influence–so much we simply need to accept. Or at least, it would be healthiest to accept! Such acceptance is not a passive process– it requires intention and practice. What should we accept? What should we fight? How many times would the children need to do their walking meditation past the playground before they would no longer be pulled by it’s magnetic lure? (Probably never!)

April is a time of rebirth and renewal—warmer weather and more daylight. Passover. Easter. Our liturgical calendar points us towards focusing on liberation and renewal. Caught up in our tasks of daily living, trying to be good parents, good adult children….what are practices in our life that can provide us with a sense of liberation and renewal? With the warm, dry weather, I know the children will be active in their spiritual practice of “playing on the playground.” What is your “playground” and how can you spend a little more time there?


Rev. Darcy