Family Minister’s Blog – May 2014

As Spring is in full bloom and with me hopefully weaning off crutches soon, that word interdependency is popping up frequently in my mind. Interdependency sounds so nice and connected. But having been thrusted into a new state of dependency with my knee injury, I must confess that I have been craving some independence, not interdependence. Just like so much else in life, there are healthy ways to be dependent or interdependent and not so healthy ways. Part of faith formation for children and adults alike is the grappling with dependency, in it’s healthy and not so healthy forms. A dry, warm winter means higher food prices this Spring. Oh, but wasn’t it nice those sunny 70 degree days in February? Interdependency is hard and complicated. It means enduring and putting up with all kinds of things– from annoying family members to rainy winter days. It means figuring out what is healthy in our relationships and what is not so healthy and having courage to make some changes, despite how comfortable the familiar is. How do you relate to interdependency and what does that communicate to those around you?
One of the gifts of our integrated, multigenerational approach to religious exploration with children is how the children relate to those of different ages. As our children turn 9, 10, and 11, they become more able to be depended upon by the younger children. And it is a joy to see some of our children in this age range respond compassionately and caringly to the emotional needs of the younger children. Our multigenerational RE group is weaving a healthy interdependent web of mutuality. May we follow their lead!

Rev. Darcy