Katie’s Bay View – The Living Tradition We Share

Dear Starr King folk,

The words that preface our list of sources begins thusly, “The living tradition we share draws from many sources.” Not only does it draw from these multiple brilliant and varied sources, it offers us strength, it continues on long past our time here, it trusts in the wisdom of the shared community.

And so it’s time for me to go. I will be at worship on June 1st, but spending some of that time with the children leading them in a goodbye yoga class. On June 8th, I’ll lead my last service with you, releasing the covenant we entered into April of 1999, when you first called me to be your minister. I will be spending the following week in the office cleaning out and up and saying some final goodbyes. The last week of June I will be attending Ministry Days and General Assembly that take place this year in Rhode Island. In July I’ll be taking my accrued vacation. So I will say goodbye before I go.

I will say goodbye to you here, and I’ll say it again in my “Weekly Update” mid June. I’ll not be seeing your posts on Facebook and you likely won’t see mine. It might feel a bit harsh to cut off the connection this way. But this is standard “best practices” in ministerial transitions. It allows for health and wholeness for all involved. It doesn’t mean that our connection has been any less important or meaningful. Starr King UU Church has changed my life and you will always, always be a part of me.

Blessings and more,