Religious Exploration News – November 2014

It has been a great few weeks getting to know so many of you.  Thank you for such a warm welcome!  I am really enjoying my time with the children on Sunday mornings, getting to know them better each week.

We are using the UUA curriculum Tapestry of Faith, Signs of Being a UU Everyday.  This curriculum is geared for 3rd graders and I am adapting it for both younger and older children and youth.  There will be something for everyone in the weeks to come! In this program the children and youth will examine how their lives do and can exhibit UU traits and values, and they will come to understand that their faith is a living faith whose histories and teachings are fortifications for living faithfully in a complex world.

Upcoming topics for RE classes in November are:

Nov. 2nd: As Unitarian Universalists, we believe life is sacred—not only human life, but all life that shares our planet.  This session also looks at traditions and rituals to welcome new life into families and faith communities. We will be practicing a special song that will be presented at the 60th Anniversary Celebration on Nov. 16th!!

Nov. 9th: As Unitarian Universalists, we believe members of communities take care of each other. This session identifies ways we care for others in our families, at school, in the congregation, and in the wider world. Children learn about Unitarian Universalist ritual of sharing our joys and concerns.  We will decorate candles to take home.

Nov. 16th: We will discuss the history of SKUU and create a special timeline poster to display at SKUU for all to see, and for all to add special thoughts.

Nov. 23rd, This Sunday will be an Intergenerational Service.  The children will read a story “We Are Thankful Each Day” to the congregation during this special service.

Nov. 30th: The children and youth will explore contexts in which they can practice sharing as sign of Unitarian Universalist faith. They discuss ways they share with family, friends, neighbors, the congregation, and the world.  Children learn about the flower, water, and bread rituals of Unitarian Universalist congregations and discover how these rituals highlight sharing as a UU value. We will be planting seeds and use the flowers for our flower ceremony in the Spring.

For more information or questions, please contact Rennie Tomley, Director of Religious Exploration at or call 925-485-3652.