Religious Exploration Blog – March 2015

Religious Exploration March Newsletter


One World, Many Religions

Children’s Religious Exploration will spend the month of March and April being introduced to world religions.  We will use the book One World, Many Religions, the Ways We Worship by Mary Pope Osborne.  We will be culminating these lessons by visits to local churches, synagogues, and mosques.  Our first visit will be to the Hindu Temple in Livermore.  We will dine together before the visit to the Hindu temple for delicious Indian food at a restaurant in Pleasanton.   More information will be coming and a sign-up sheet will be available soon.

Our RE Theme these next coming months can be extended at home.  Here are some resources that parents might share with their children.

Read about different religions.  Even very young children can be exposed to various religions and faiths through books.   Here are a few titles that you might consider:

  • What Do You Believe? (age 6 and up)
  • The Kids Book of World Religions (age 8 and up)
  • One World, Many Religions: The Ways We Worship (age 8 and up)
  • A Faith Like Mine (age 10 and up)
  • The Belief Book (ages 6 and up)

Visit various places of worship

You can visit other places of worship. Even if you don’t believe what is being preached, you and your children will learn how many of the values are the same across a number of religions. Virtues such as kindness, generosity, patience, faithfulness, love and more are valued by many.

Demonstrate your religious practices. Act consistently with your belief system and demonstrate your beliefs to your children every day. Share your own faith journey. Make it a way of life. Help your child understand the importance of practicing their beliefs every day.  Designate time for quiet reflection, gratitude and prayer, together as a family.