Words of Joy – December 2015

Interim Minister’s Blog

      Let me take the time
     To watch the candle’s light;
     And know it is the same
     Vast silence of the silver stars.
–John Q. Parkhurst

As the holidays descend upon us, many of us speed up the pace of our lives,

making lists of tasks, planning for or rushing to parties,  decorating our homes, shopping for and wrapping gifts, sending cards, baking, cooking and cleaning, donating to and working for charities whose pace is also ramped up, and so on. The common denominator in all of this holiday activity is that we do it for others in our lives, even for those we may not know, because we care.

What may get lost in the rush is the need for self-care. With all of this activity, or even if your pace is a slower one, it is not uncommon to be visited by the holiday blues. Paradoxically, the blues may also descend on you if you have less to do during the holiday season. If, for instance, your loved ones are gone or are far away, the holiday cheer we are all “supposed” to feel may not be there for you as compensation for frenzied activity. It is especially important during this season to take time for yourself, and to remember to do those things that are restful and renewing for you.

Part of your holiday self-renewal may be your connection to this congregation—your spiritual community. There are many ways to connect: come to our holiday-themed Sunday services, stay after the service on December 13th to attend the holiday party, and join us around the piano for carol singing, come to our quiet Winter Solstice Meditation service on Friday, December 18 at 7 PM, celebrate Christmas Eve with us at our beautiful candlelight service at 7PM. And remember that you may always contact me, or our Pastoral Car Committee chaired by Georgia Gruver, for help in time of need, any time of the year.

In this chilly and dark, but holy season
when Orion wheels against the night sky
and Sirius shines blue-hot in the darkness

May your pain and struggles
soften for a moment into love and awe.

May hope, like a newborn child,
be born anew within you,
and may your life be blessed with peace.