Words of Joy – March 2015

     Words of Joy


If we could distill our liberal religious tradition down into one word, one likely candidate would be the word “freedom.” In this congregation, we offer freedom from creeds and dogma, so that we can be individually free to make up our own minds about religious questions. We also want freedom for ourselves and all people–freedom from poverty and oppression, from fear and discrimination, from a religious tyranny that seeks to impose a particular set of values on everyone. We Unitarian Universalists cherish the freedom to speak out, to express ourselves, to dissent. Fortunately, we enjoy religious freedom in this country, thanks in large part to early visionary Unitarians and Universalists like Thomas Jefferson. John Adams, and Universalist physician Benjamin Rush-a signer of the Declaration of Independence.


But, when annual canvass time comes around, we need to remember that, within our own religious institution, our freedom is not free–it has a price. In order to carry on here at Starr King Church the legacy of individual religious freedom without restraint of creed and dogma that our religious forebears struggled for, we need to support this religious institution with our time, our participation and commitment, and with our dollars. As you think about the friendships, the fellowship and the freedom that this church offers, you may find that you want to support it financially, as fully as you can-that it is a pleasure, and not a burden, to write out that pledge check.


On Canvass Sunday, March 15th, we will have a shorter service, to be immediately followed by a Canvass Brunch. We hope you will stay and join us for the meal, for warm fellowship, and for some conversation at the tables about the congregation. There will be a Canvasser at each table, and you will have an opportunity to make your pledge to the church for the next fiscal year. If you can’t attend the brunch, a canvasser will contact you shortly after the canvass event.


Dag Hammarskjold once said: “Each morning we must hold out the chalice of our being to receive, to carry and to give back.” Our lives are about receiving, carrying and giving back. May you receive, carry for a time and then pass on the flame of this unique religious community, by participating and volunteering your time here, and by making as generous a pledge of financial support as you can.


Warmly, with an eye to the future of this wonderful congregation.