Religious Education – RE Reflections October 2016

2016 – 2017 RE Positioned for Growth

It is an exciting time for Starr King RE.  We have outgrown our one class program.  I have been thinking very seriously about how to structure a new program to meet our needs.   Taking care of the needs of both younger and older children is important to the health and growth of the program, and the congregation as a whole.  New families will be more likely to stay if we offer consistent childcare.  The development of our youth is also crucial.  Offering a class for youth will enable families to stay in the church longer and provides primary school children a path to follow.  With three classes, we can cover our current needs and will be positioned for future growth.

My greatest challenge in creating a three-tier program is recruiting enough volunteers to maintain our safety standards and not burnout our teachers.  My plan calls for three teachers each week; one for nursery level, one for primary level and one for youth.  I will act as a 4th volunteer who circulates between classes to make sure everyone has what they need and ensures safety standards are met to the best of our ability.  I will also be in charge of welcoming new families and explaining our offerings.

I hope that teachers and families with school-age children (that have been in the church for at least one year), will consider helping out once a month.  And, that  occasional volunteers will consider helping out every other month.  If we all chip in, I believe we can succeed without overburdening volunteers.  It is an exciting time and I encourage everyone to get involved in passing on our UU values to  future generations.

Live Your Values!

Allison Prout