Words of Joy – April 2016

Near the beginning of April, the hard-working Ministerial Search Committee will ask one of the “pre-candidates” they have been interviewing to be the candidate for the settled ministry of this congregation And then, in May, comes the moment you have been waiting for—the presentation of the ministerial candidate during what we call “candidating week”—a very intensive week in the life of a congregation and of a ministerial candidate. The minister will speak on two consecutive Sundays, and be available during the intervening week to meet with groups, committees and in various social functions. Following the second service that the candidate presents, a congregational meeting will convene to discuss and vote on whether or not to call the candidate as your settled minister.

This process of calling a minister is a vital and participatory one in the life of a UU congregation. Unlike some other religious traditions, Unitarian Universalism operates through congregational polity. Only the congregation has the power to call and to ordain ministers. Ministers are not ordained by or appointed to congregations via the authority of a denominational body. The congregation is the authorized body. So it is especially important for all voting members to participate in this process—to listen to and meet the candidate, to be part of the discussion at the congregational meeting, and to vote. This is a very exciting time in the life of a UU congregation!

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and this spring in particular, a new era is dawning at Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church. May this season, bringing the freshness of new blooms after a rainy winter, also bring freshness and renewal to Starr King Church, and to the ongoing journey that is your life!   Joy