Words of Joy – May 2016

Ministry based on an equal relationship is like a dance; sometimes I lead and you follow, sometimes you lead and I follow. As we get to be better partners, its gets difficult to tell exactly who is leading and who is following. But by then it doesn’t matter—after all, it’s the dance that’s important.                                                              –the Rev David Phreaner

Soon after you receive the May newsletter, this congregation will be going through the intricate dance that is candidating week, when a minister and a congregation dance intensely with one another to determine whether or not they should engage in a long-term partnership. It is an exciting time to be part of a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and an exciting and busy time for the candidating minister. You will be in my thoughts during that intensive week as you move through this phase of your life together as a congregation.

As for myself, during candidating week, the interim minister must make her/himself scarce, so the ministry focus is where it should be—on the candidate. I will be on call—available for emergencies, but otherwise off the campus and working at home during candidating week, May 7th through May 15th. Also, the previous week, from Monday May 2nd through Friday, May 6th, I will be in San Antonio Texas attending the annual UU Accredited Interim Minister’s seminar, where we interims gather for continuing education, and where we will discover which UU congregations have applied to have interim ministers serve them this upcoming church year. I can be reached during that time through the office or via email.

I am very aware that our time together as church-in-transition and interim minister is fast running out. After a few more turns around the dance floor, we will be changing dance partners. I do not yet know where my next “interim gig” will be, or whether I will even seek a new interim position for next year, especially given that I will be undergoing foot surgery over the summer that has a long recovery time, but I will certainly keep you posted.

May you enjoy the wonderful spring weather that has fully arrived!

Many blessings, Joy