Minister’s Blog – November 2017



As we approach a new Thanksgiving Season, I am so grateful for the many expressions of generosity that I have experienced and witnessed among us this year.


I am grateful for all the ways our staff and volunteers contribute to building our Beloved Community. I give thanks for each and every one of our community members who give of their time, talents, creativity, and financial support so that we can live into our mission and vision. For your minds, hearts, helping hands, and generous spirits, I give thanks!


May this season of gratitude help us to remember that we are interconnected and bound to each other by grace and unconditional love.

May we remember that gratitude is an everyday spiritual practice.

May we remember that we are not  alone and belong to a loving community.

May we remember the little acts of kindness that make a huge difference in the face of heartache and heartbreak.

May we remember to be gentle with ourselves when we feel we have nothing to give.


Please know that you are a gift to us and to the universe!

Your beautiful presence makes a difference!

Bringing your best authentic self to the table is in itself a gift and a great blessing!


Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

Thank you for teaching our children the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thank you for practicing loving kindness when there is tension or misunderstandings.

Thank you for being willing to support a shared ministry that a allows all of us to express how much we care for  care for each other, for our neighbors, and our planet.

Thank you for your patience and for assuming good intentions.

Thank you for your laughter and your tears, for sharing your joys and sorrows, so that we may continue to deepen our relationships.

Thank you for forgiveness.

Thank you for adopting a spirit of curiosity and wonder as we try new ways of being together.

Thank you for bringing your authentic self to the table.

Thank you for your grace.