RE Reflections – February 2017

Living Our Values


It was wonderful to participate in the MLK Rally again this year.  There were many new families with children. It was inspiring to hear speakers affirm our values and the need to continue to make our voices heard.


Many members of our congregation also attended the women’s marches in the Bay Area.  We should be very proud of the strong  turnout for these events.  Pictures don’t lie.  Women united all over the country and the world in numbers too big to ignore.  We must keep fighting to maintain our rights and protect those who are targeted.


On February 5th we will take our first fieldtrip to the Sikh Gurdwara in Hayward.  To prepare for our visit I have been learning about Sikhism and am struck by the similarities of Sikh beliefs to our own.  The Sikhs, for example, believe in the inherent worth of every individual regardless of social class or religious belief.  They value hard work, family and serving their community.  They believe in sharing, not hoarding wealth.  They offer sanctuary to those in need.  They believe in building a fair and peaceful world.


Our connection with Eden’s interfaith coalition has enabled us to get to know our neighbors better. I plan to continue forging connections with other congregations including Eden UCC and Shir Ami Jewish congregation.  If there is a religion you are interested in learning more about, please let me know. In these challenging times, we must build bridges, not walls.  There is power in unity and mutual understanding.