RE Reflections – June 2018


As the end of the church year draws near, Reverend Maria Cristina and I are preparing for our leave.  I am off from June 15 to August 15.  Rev. Maria Cristina will be out in July for vacation and part of August for study leave.  The new church year will begin on September 9, 2018, when Rev. Maria Cristina officially returns to the pulpit.

The church will remain open during the summer and lay led services will be held every Sunday.  We offer a more relaxed approach to childcare in the summer when staff is on holiday and many families travel.   Volunteers will lead summer fun activities on a drop- in basis and Lorie Miller will lead nursery story time two weeks in July and August. If there are no volunteers available on a given Sunday, children are always welcome to stay in the chapel with their parents and we can arrange a quiet play area.  For questions contact Lea Casini or Lorie Miller.

Have a happy, healthy, safe summer!  Allison Prout