Finding Our Way Home

Finding Our Way Home

Rev. María Cristina

Last week I was blessed to participate in the UUA’s annual Finding Our Way Home (FOWH) gathering in Miami. Finding Our Way Home is an annual retreat hosted by the UUA for Unitarian Universalist religious professionals of color. It offers community building, spiritual reflection, and collegial support while connecting participants with local community organizations as partners in service, witness, and advocacy.

This UUA-sponsored retreat welcomes UU religious professionals who identify as people of color, Latina/o, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islanders, Middle Easterners, and others, and/or multiracial and multiethnic. The 150 participants included Ministers, Religious Educators, Church Administrators, and UUA staff.
This year was especially meaningful for me, being a part of the planning committee, chaplain, and worship coordinator. Our theme was “Connect and Re-Connect.” We made plenty of space in the program for us to attend workshops and worship services, meet with UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Grey, and practice self-care by meditating, doing yoga, going to the beach, visiting the botanical gardens, re-connecting with friends, and meeting new ones.
I am grateful for all the opportunities to reconnect with my own self-care and healing practices, experience spiritual renewal, serve as a chaplain and be a source of support, learn new songs, make art, and attend Sunday service at the Miami UU Church where my friend and colleague, Marisol Caballero, preached a prophetic sermon about inclusion.
I’d like to share with you some healing words and a song that we sang during our closing worship service, to keep us connected until we meet again:

The Words

“That which is in us and all around us and which constantly draws us to our holiest selves, keep ushering us into the spirit of Yes, until at long last we have made it true for our lives and for our bodies. Continue to fortify our senses of divinely inherent beauty such that no weapon of ugliness formed against us can prosper. Remind us that although we are about to spread ourselves all over this continent and this globe, none of us goes into any day without the full strength of this entire community. And bring us safely through this next year so that we can return once again to receive the blessing of our sacred fellowship together. Amen.” DeReau K. Farrar

The Song

“Wherever you go, I will go Beloved.
Wherever you go, I will go.
For your people are my people,
Your people are mine.
Your people are my people,
Your Divine my Divine.”